The Spiritual Retreat would like to apologize for the delay of response regarding updates on our current status to each of you individually. We appreciate and value your support through these difficult times. 
Due to concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we had to cancel our original date for the NEFA Spiritual retreat and reschedule for 4/30/21- 5/2/21. 
We are diligently working with our camp location to ensure a safe environment for our registrants and provide a spiritual experience next year. Because of the unprecedented nature of this current pandemic, The NEFA Spiritual Retreat has unanimously voted that we would like to offer a refund to any registrant requesting. 
We would also like you to consider rolling over your registration for our next year retreat occurring 4/30/21- 5/2/21. We have invested a significant amount of money purchasing merchandise, investing in events, as well a $2,400 non refundable deposit for the camp. We understand that this is an unpredictable time and respect your decision on the refund.  Please fill out the attached file to state whether you would like to have us process a refund or if you would like to have your registration roll over for next year. Please email the completed document  back to 

The NEFA Spiritual Retreat would like to thank you for your contribution in supporting the retreat for the year of 2020. We look forward to Spiritual Retreat occuring in 2021. 
Stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you at our next fundraising event. Stay tuned! 

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