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Minimum 1 Year Clean

  1. Attend the Spiritual Retreat Meeting on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the each month, giving a report at each meeting.

  2. Designate Vice-Chair and Subcommittee members.

  3. Present to NEFA Spiritual Retreat Committee three designs for the logo, to be approved by the Retreat Committee.

  4. Create all signs and banners related to the Retreat as requested by the Committee.

  5. Supply artwork to the Merchandise Subcommittee and Registration.

  6. Supply artwork to other NEFA Spiritual Retreat Subcommittee as needed.

  7. Obtain signed artists releases for all artwork used by the NEFA Spiritual Retreat.

  8. Get a shadow box made with merchandise from current NEFA NA Spiritual Retreat.

  9. Maintain the NEFA shadow boxes, including storage, and create new          shadow boxes as needed.

  10. Maintain current and accurate financial records.

  11. Retain original and electronic copies of all art work used and created.

  12. Maintain names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and websites.        addresses, etc. of all vendors for use of future Subcommittee Chairs.

  13. Be responsible for the placement and collection of all directional road           signs as well as signs and banners on the campgrounds.

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