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Get Involved!

The Spiritual Retreat committee is always looking for interested trusted servants and volunteers! Whether you want to serve as the chair of one of the Retreats committees or just help out at an event. There is always room for any member willing to serve.

Join Us!

Every 1st Wednesday we can be found at our Spiritual Retreat committee meeting. Here through the principle of unity we discuss ongoing progress of the Retreat as well as coming up with ideas for the next event or fundraiser we will be hosting. Having us all together gives us a chance to bond and create a positive atmosphere. Any member is welcome to our committee meetings so, don't be shy. It's good for the "old timer" that wants to stay involved and a great way for the newcomer to experience rewarding service work.

Every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm

St. Michael Lutheran Church

9534 Belair Road Nottingham, MD  21236

Team Meeting
Camp Fire at Night

Events & Fundraising

Maybe joining a committee isn't something that interests you right now but, you would still like to help out at an event or fundraiser. No problem! There will be many chances to come and enjoy an event while giving back what was so freely given to us. After all, this is a "we" program. We are always open to any member willing to help out at the Retreat, event, or fundraiser. We carry an attitude of gratitude and that always starts with giving back. Thank you in advance for any help you are willing to give to the NEFA Spiritual Retreat.

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