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Merchandise Chairperson

Minimum 3 Years Clean

  1. Attend Spiritual Retreat Meeting on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month, giving a report at each meeting.

  2. Design, order, and sell merchandise at the Spiritual Retreat

  3. Maintain accurate and current records of all merchandise, graphics, and artwork related expenses.

  4. Turn over all collected money to the Retreat Committee Treasurer.

  5. All merchandise shall be the responsibility of the Merchandise Committee Chairperson.

  6. During the Retreat, maintain a Merchandise table.

  7. Present to Retreat Host Committee three designs for all suggested merchandise, to be approved by the Retreat Host Committee.

  8. Create photocopies of any material requested by the Committee.

  9. Maintain archives (minutes, merchandise related proposals and purchases/ sales records, and artwork) to be handed from Chairperson to Chairperson.

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