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Minimum 3 Years Clean

  1. Designate Vice-Chair and Subcommittee members.

  2. Attend the Spiritual Retreat Meeting on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the each month, giving a report at each meeting, including most current registration numbers and financial status.

  3. Maintain an accurate and current receipt book related to all Retreat registrations, and lodging/camping reservations, with a back-up record.

  4. Turn over all funds generated through the sale of registrations to the NEFA Spiritual Retreat Treasurer.

  5. In the attempt to generate registrations attend All Area Service Meetings in the Free State Region at least once, and pursue permission to attend other fellowship events.

  6. Organize and maintain a registration table at the NEFA Spiritual Retreat.

  7. Be holder of one post office mailbox key and retrieve Registration Forms.

  8. Maintain archives (minutes and registration records) to be handed from Chairperson to Chairperson.

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