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Minimum 1 Year Clean

  1. Attend the Spiritual Retreat Meeting on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the each month, giving a report at each meeting

  2. Designate Vice Chair and Subcommittee members where practical.

  3. Maintain current and accurate financial records of all purchases.

  4. Submit any generated funds to the Spiritual Retreat Treasurer in a timely manner.

  5. Maintain archives of Subcommittee meeting minutes and activities for use of future Subcommittee Chairs.

  6. Perform a Pre-Retreat Inspection of every cabin, bathroom, and building used by the NEFA Retreat Board (as agreed upon with the Camp). This is to note areas that are unclean, inoperable, or unavailable. Bring the inspection results to the Retreat Chair. Based on that discussion, this Subcommittee and other Retreat NEFA Committee members may take appropriate action to rectify noted problem areas.

  7. Maintain general order of the camp throughout the weekend:

    • Ensure bathrooms are operable, clean, and stocked with supplies such as paper products and trash bags. This includes the male/female bathhouse and bathrooms in the Dining Hall and Merchandise Cabin.

    • Routinely check all general use trashcans. Empty as needed.

    • Ensure all camp areas and buildings are generally kept free of trash and debris.

  8. Coordinate Volunteers. Assign duties to all Newcomer Package Recipients and other NA members who wish to be of service during the NEFA Spiritual retreat and subsequent Sunday clean-up. Volunteer duties will include but are not limited to Hospitality duties.

  9. Designate NA members to serve on the Hug Squad.

  10.  Designate Fire Keepers. Fire Keeper duties are to ignite, monitor, maintain, and extinguish torches and bonfires in the Main Fire Pit and Fire Pit on Friday and Saturday evenings between the hours of 5pm and 11pm. The Main Fire Pit must be fully extinguished by the close of the NEFA Spiritual Retreat.

  11.  Perform a Check-Out Inspection of every cabin, bathroom, building and area (including fire pit areas) used by the NEFA Spiritual Retreat where damage occurred, and ensure that all areas are clean and have been returned to the condition that existed prior to the NEFA Spiritual Retreat as indicated by the Pre-Retreat Inspection.

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